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We are especially fond of this project. It was a part of the strategy for the new brand of Es-Cape emergency luminaires. Our client was won over by an unusual solution that surprises and warms the brand's image.


ES-CAPE brand strategy, catalog series design



es-scape-rozlozona okladka.jpg

On our covers of new product catalogs, we have guest appearances: Ania and Marika. The girls proved that even the subject of evacuation is not that scary to them. We can say with satisfaction that the girls had a lot of fun doing it. How to be safe? Each catalog cover contains a hint from Ania and Marika.

The first piece of advice is to find the right source of light. Then let's take the right direction and follow it. The last cover includes advice from Marika. She is playing with characters we all know well from the evacuation signs. Her advice is to stick together in difficult times because we can do more by supporting each other.

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