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For the Selfia brand, we went deep into the forest. Our goal was to prepare a new line of packaging and marketing products for architects and interior designers. And from the trip, we came back with a new four-legged friend.


Strategy, design & packaging



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Selfia is a Polish brand that combines family tradition with modern Scandinavian design. As result, they create original furniture collections made of natural, oiled wood.

The naturalness and quality of wood are at the center of our project. That is why we used ecological papers, elegant embossing, and vibrant colors of autumn leaves.

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Why the Lynx?

The lynx inspired us with its unique character. It appears only in the wildest parts of Polish forests, which is why it has become a symbol of naturalness and unspoiled nature for us. Meeting such a rare animal is a unique experience. All this together aptly reflects the values and exclusivity of the Selfia brand and its natural wood products.

Among our projects for the brand was a tote bag with a sketchbook for architects and a set of elegant boxes. We made them of ecological papers in the vibrant colors of the autumn forest and refined them with embossing and copper hot-stamping. Inside of them we have hidden samples of natural oiled wood. Same as the ones the Selfia furniture collections are made from. The round samples also serve as cup coasters and are a practical gift for architects and interior designers.

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