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Spectra Lighting

Complex visual strategies, such as the one for Spectra Lighting, are definitely our thing. For large projects, we create everything from beginning to end. Starting from the strategy and brand identification, through a product website and the company's product management system, to a design and realization of an exhibition stand and all marketing materials. So that everything is consistent and emphasizes the character of the brand.


Strategy, UX / UI, branding and visual identity


Spectra Lighting

Product website

By combining the strategy and design, we have created a complex digital product, starting from the brand strategy, through the website architecture, UX / UI, and visual design. At each stage, we put special emphasis on the functionality, aesthetics, and business goals. As a result, we have created a well-thought-out marketing tool. A product website with an extensive database, thanks to which finding or selecting the appropriate technical parameters of products is a piece of cake. 

Extensive search filters and a database integrated with the product management system allow to update and supplement the product offer in real-time. Detailed product categories with assigned attributes, technical documentation, and graphic files help you search for products and generate product cards based on selected criteria. Thanks to this, the sale of products is more effective and pleasant. We impatiently count down the days until the website is launched.


Glowing in the dark

The company Spectra Lighting professionally deals with the design and production of lighting fixtures, which is why we designed the cover of the catalog that glows.

spectra (1) dłuższy.jpg

The project is dominated by deep red, which is the main corporate color. Catalogs, leaflets, marketing materials, and gadgets have been enriched with slogans. They focus on the company's products and support the idea of sustainability. Minimalist folders and business cards are entirely made of ecological papers with elegant embossing.

Leaflets made in several variants present selected products of the company. Our goal was to highlight the brand's offer in the best possible way, clearly present both technical parameters and necessary information, and emphasize the quality and design of products. To create a product portfolio, we have prepared high-quality renderings, animations, and 3D visualizations.

Holy _Butt _wb.png

Part of our project was designing a new product and preparing a marketing campaign to bring it to the market. This is how our luminaire was created. It's gracefully named HOLY. We have closed the light in a unique geometric shape that distinguishes it from other products, combining innovative design with modern technology.

The first presentation of the HOLY luminaire took place at the EUROSHOP Düsseldorf 2020 fair, for which we prepared a fair stand. We designed the stand based on lighting profiles. It is one of the company's main products that has become the dominant feature of the stand. For the fair, we prepared full brand identification and made all marketing materials.

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