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For this brand, we have developed a life-changing system (PIM - Product Information Management system). It does not solve all the world's problems, but it manages the product perfectly. In addition, we have prepared a UX/UI of a transparent and well-thought-out product website. Because we like to make our clients' work easier.


UX&UI & website design



We know what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night. That is why our system actualizes the website in real-time. This allows to constantly update and manage even the most extensive range of products. A large selection of detailed filters and product parameters as well as a product card generator are managed by a system integrated with the database.

This allows generating a specific product card in real-time using the available filters or chosen parameters. All of this is to make the use of the product website easy and intuitive. Every recipient: marketer, engineer, or sales representative always has easy access to the information he needs. And everyone can sleep well.

IMG_2105-e1571915966446-białe tło_edited_edited.jpg

Product management

How it's working? Like a real superhero. We give the products unique names, marketing descriptions, logistic data, attributes, technical parameters, assigned multimedia, documents. Thanks to this, the products can be viewed quickly and conveniently, narrowing down and refining selected parameters. Assigning them to many groups and categories at the same time makes the offer transparent and structured.

rosa - słupy - wycinek.png

Visual identity

The product website is complemented by a complex project of ROSA's visual identity and marketing materials.

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