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Marketing gifts

Sometimes the plum takes a break from compote, and the gingerbread cookies go wild. But intriguing ideas for events, gifts, and company gadgets always warm the brand image and emphasize its character. We bet on something surprising in beautiful packaging.


Packaging & gadgets


Spectra Lighting, Quest, Blue Shadow

spectra (20).jpg

We have designed original marketing gadgets for special company events: the Polish Architects Regatta Championship and the Polish Golf Championship. The goal was that the gadgets would be surprising and fun.

A small bottle, apart from the tasty content, encourages with a slogan and sends a wink to its recipients. A fun marketing gift like this creates a bond between the brand and its client.

Surprise? Oh yes!

Sketchbooks, bags, notebooks. What most emphasizes the character of the brand deserves a properly selected, creative claim. One that will surprise, but also make the recipient smile.

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