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Playing with nature

Because of our project for the Polish brand of natural cosmetics, we went deep into the forest. But it wasn't an ordinary forest but lush, green, and fairy alike. The result is a complex visual strategy and exhibition stand design focusing on naturalness, femininity, and spontaneity. To this day, we miss the smell of ferns and moss.


Strategy, Identity & stand design



projekt VIDESIGN.jpg

The project is a part of a complex visual strategy for a growing Polish brand entering the Cosmoprof Bologna Fares. The company focuses on eco-friendly solutions, and our goal was to emphasize it. We came up with two leading colors: deep green and raspberry pink, which refer to the lush, vibrant forest, and the sensual womanhood.

The combination of the life-giving power of the forest with a playful figure of a girl in a raspberry dress creates an image that perfectly matches our claim 'Playing with nature'. That is how we created the fairy-tale illustration. It is the dominant part of the entire visual identity and the exhibition stand.

Visual identity

As part of the strategy, we also made marketing materials, including business cards, bags, and catalogs. We made the designs on ecological paper and refined them with embossing.

Iossi 04 10.06.jpg

Exhibition stand

The dominant feature of the stand is a forest illustration by our design. The atmosphere of the forest was enhanced by suspended cocedams: moss balls covered with forest plants. We wanted to create a space that would reflect the character of the brand. Full of freedom, naturalness, and unrestricted joy. We included this idea in the claim we invented: "Playing with nature", and it was complemented by an expressive swing with a geometric shape. Having an architect on board, we are not afraid of such challenges. The swing fits perfectly into space, and its structural elements have been cleverly hidden. Who wants to swing?

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